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The Promising Future of FOX's Super Heroes

This just a part of what Fox have in hands! (Credits of the Collage to Fantastic4 News)

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" started a new era to FOX's franchise upon Marvel Comics characters.
But the destiny of their comic based universe is completely in the hands of two next movies: Fantastic Four, to be released this year in August, and X-Men Apocalypse.
These films will be the two great compass that will guide the future of mutants and the fantastic family on theaters.

Fantastic Four has the sequel confirmed to 2017, 2016 have Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse and probably Gambit solo movie, 2017 also brings the last solo of Wolverine, and 2018 has an X-Men movie at the Fox's calendar, probably the confirmed movie based on the New Mutants.

There are many rumors too, but there are questions remaining: Where exactly in the new timeline will be situated this next movies? Are they really planning a crossover between X-Men and Fantastic Four? Will Fox use all the potential teams and characters that they have in hands? Are they really willing to invest in the franchise?

sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015

How to Introduce Wanda Maximoff in the Fox's X-Men

As fans of comic books, and obviously, comic book movies, we get excited with having two different versions of Marvel's Quicksilver.
X-Men Days of Future Past has an incredible scene with the character and a outstanding and funny performance from Evan Peters. Avenger's Quicksilver is a darker one, and has more participation - and some disappointing sootings of his powers, after what Bryan Singer has shown.
But the spotlight of Avengers' Maximoff plot is definitely Wanda, a.k.a Scarlet Witch.

The thing with Fox's movies is that Wanda didn't show herself yet, and I think is time to her appear.

But how to introduce her?
Let's suppose that she will appear in X-Men Apocalypse (and it's kind of impossible, whe wasn't confirmed until now and the shooting started about one/two weeks ago).
How the problematic and "freak" Scarlet Witch must be?

Well, we have a great context for her in the 80's. The gothic culture was in its boom, and Wanda - as her headbanger/punky brother - may had joined the wave. So we get this (just a rough made by me):

Based upon "House of M" concept for her powers, I developed upon the maxim that her "witchcrafts" are based on reality's manipulation.

The concept is: her powers see the reality as a web, with infinite pieces (as cubes), and her power is control this web. She can get bigger or smaller cubes and "disturb" their positions (as we see in a simplist way on the image).
The visual go to this direction, showing her powers in a soft red light between the space gaps that exists 'tween the "reality's cubes".
Visual effects for this should be very smart, turning the movements of the cubes organic and with a perfect flowing, seeing it as a natural thing, not a video game thing.

For my self, the best "runner" to play Scarlet Witch is Dakota Fanning, who gets stunning as brunette, is a outstanding actress, can play some really creepy characters and can easily be an twin sister to Evan Peters' Quicksilver!
One thing I'm sure: Possibilities are infinite, and I think a traumatic experience for her in Apocalypse, is the best way to start - who knows? - a plot for a "House of M" movie, hu?

What about it Fox?

terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2014

What the fans want from X-Men franchise in the future?

Apocalypse is coming. And what happens after?
We know that fans has been expecting many things on X-Men franchise. Based on what they expect, on what we’ve seen on Days of Future Past and what the comics has given to us, we have some amazing dreaming ideas to the future of the Children of the Atom on the big screen if we had money to do this.

Many people want to see the cast of the trilogy again, and we know Apocalypse is going to 80’s, so… how to keep two different timelines wisely? We aren’t messing with Apocalypse, but only what comes later.
Besides Apocalipse, the official announcements are about a Deadpool and a third Wolverine's solo, AND an unknown X-Men movie to 2018... That I imagine that can be or a X-Men sequel OR an X-Force movie (it makes sense after two X-Force members solo movies),
But in this post, we had pictured a dreaming world where, like Marvel Studios, Fox releases two X-Men Movies for year. So let’s see what comes after Apocalypse (with dreaming dates, of course… We know that in real life, things aren’t so easy!).
Just something before starts: I prefer the X-Men as a team instead solo movies, as you will see…

The Wolverine: Wedding Day (2015/2016)

Slightly based on Uncanny X-Men #172 and #173, the third Wolverine solo movie opens with an astonishing sequence that reproduces with changelings the climax of X2… It all starts with Wolverine on Alkali Lake basement remembering everything and facing William Stryker, that run from the base, that’s coming down… He lets Logan down there with Lady Deathstrike, who’s defeated by Wolverine being thrown into a hole (differently from X2). Wolverine runs with some X-Men, and we see Rogue piloting the jet and the sequence ends up suddenly, when Jean Grey – until now holding the water – dies.
Then we have the plot. Two years later we see Logan on Japan on his wedding’s eve. Somehow, the screenplay shows that the “ripples” created on DOFP still gets Logan into that plot with the Silver Samurai and Mariko Yashida on James Mangold’s “The Wolverine”.
He went to Japan cause the death of Jean Grey, and there he knows his Fianceé.
The movie gets hot when (much like in the comics) Storm, Rogue, Iceman and Colossus comes as invited by Logan. But once again, the life of a mutant like Weapon X isn’t easy. Silver Samurai is back as Mariko's brother to get his heritage from his sister, and now he came with companies – one of them is no one else but Lady Deathstrike.
Now, he has to save his bride, and defeat his father in law.
On this plot, Rogue gets an important role – in the comics she is the one to save the day. And here isn’t different. Her relationship with Logan is a deep one, and she is forced to make a hard choice to save him, his bride and the other X-Men. Maybe it's a great oportunity to show her flying after take a little bit of Storm's power... About Logan issues, he is on a complicated situation with himself questioning if it is possible to him have a normal life and a wife.
The movie has a little featuring of Blink (Fan BingBing) too.
On post-credits scene we see an mourning Cyclops looking to the Alkali Lake, when Jean Gray calls him on his mind, and we se fire coming out from the water.

X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

Let this one with Simon, Laura and Bryan? Haha. Of course, to follow this timeline, it has to be planned to don’t make chronological mistakes!

Phoenix Rises (2016)

The pre-opening credits scene is a distant and distopic Future.
We are presented to an half-aged man, with silver hair and scars in one of his eyes. He’s looking for two tombs, the names are Jean Grey Summers and Scott Summers.
He looks at the horizon, where all is destroyed and there’s explosions in every second.
Cable turns on the machine he carries on his hand and we see the opening credits.
When the movie really starts, Jean Grey turns back as Phoenix, with an incredible power, but without control. She is found by an bitter and evil Emma Frost, who was living hiding from Magneto and the X-Men, to consume her vengeance against them and the world. In a pursuit for power, she starts over the Hellfire Club, but now, with Jason Striker help, she tries to wake up the Jean’s alter ego, the Dark Phoenix.
Besides this, Wolverine comes back to USA to find the Professor to understand why he’s having nightmares with Jean.  At the same time, Cyclops returns to X-Men for the same reason. Concerned, Charles calls Moira McTaggert and her husband, former X-Men, Banshee, to help him with this research.
Who tries to save Jean from the Hellfire Club is the mysterious Cable, who’s remember to her who she is and brings Phoenix to the Professor X.
When she gets crazy, they – Cable, Hellfire Club and Professor, Logan, Scott, Moira and Banshee - have to join forces to fight against the Phoenix. All of them are convinced that they have to kill her, but not Cable, who says he came from the future to stop them and try to save Jean, for his body wouldn’t handle with all Phoenix power. Is her death what let his future be so bad. The final battle happens on San Francisco and inside  Jean’s mind, where she fights herself with the help of the Professor and Emma.
Cable is questioned about how can Jean and Scott be his parents if the Phoenix was dead, he just say that in the future, almost all the mutants was born in labs.
The post credits scene shows a man called Graydon Creed talking to William Striker, who shows him his new project: The Sentinel’s Resurgence.

X-Men: Bloodlines (2017)

Located in the past right after Apocalypse, we have here a world trying to reborn from ashes left by the ancient mutant.
More intimate, “Bloodline” draws and defines paths to Magneto, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Wanda and Quicksilver, introducing Graydon Creed as a young and hateful anti mutant activist. Son of two mutants who’s left him for being human, he creates the Friends of Humanity, a separatist group that gets some influence to government.
After the death of their mother and sister – what was Magneto’s fault – Peter and Wanda Maximoff break up relationships with their father, at the same time that Nightcrawler discovers his real relationship with Mystique.
Magneto, Mystique and Sabretooth builds a plan to destroy the Friends of Humanity, hiding the real intent of Magneto to show the Homo Sapiens who really owns the world.
The familiar battle happens because Peter, Wanda e Nightcrawler come together to stop their parents, at the same time that tries to convince the Friends of Humanity, that mutants are not all dangerous. Humiliated and defeated by his own children, Magneto regrets some of his acts and recluses himself.
The post credits scene shows Creed finding the Trask Industries project of Sentinels.

eXtinction (2017)

Years go by.
The movie starts where DOFP ends up.
Logan wake up in a morning and discovers that his memory is completely changed.
Updated by the Professor, he discovers what changed.
But like Hank said to him, you can create ripples in the river of time, but can’t change the path.
Mutants members of the Morlocks starts to disappear.  It’s a massacre beginning.
Storm is sent with a team to investigate what is really happening, after one of their mutants called Caliban meet her.
Cable still lives in the present cause he says that doesn’t discovered what really starts his dark future. Then, investigating, he discovers the plans of Creed to come back with the Sentinels. More than that: A group inside the Friends of Humanity, called Purifiers is taking the Morlocks to the Island called Genosha, where they’re making tests with Sentinels and Mutants.
In this conflict, Storm has his problems with Calisto, Morlock’s leader.
On a unexpected alliance between the X-Men and the Brotherhood takes them to Genosha with the plan to destroy the Sentinel factory.
There, Professor X sacrifices himself for the X-Men, and Storm and Phoenix are the ones who can win the battle against the Sentinels Army – that’s why Jean couldn’t die.
The battle ends well to the mutants, but Logan, Storm and Cable see Scott Summers going to a dangerous path of hate, cause Professor’s death. Concerned about it, Cable starts a risky plan to save the future.

X-Men: Genesis (Brotherhood / Gambit) (2018)

In Genesis, we see a younger Rogue running from home after almost kill her boyfriend with a kiss and being rescued by Gambit. Both of them are recruited by Mystique, who’s building a new Brotherhood of mutants to ends up with Senator Kelly, Trask Industries and Friends of Humanity. We see a furious Magneto getting out of his reclusion time, cause this mutant hate attack him on his Island.
With the Brotherhood, he plans an violent attack to the humanity;
We see the relationship between Rogue and Gambit, but they are separated when he is threatened   by Erik and she runs from them for disagree of the attack.
On her scape, she finds Wolverine, without memory and with adamantium claws, as we see in first movie of the franchise.
The X-Men fight against Magneto and stops him, but the seed has been thrown, and the dark future we saw in Extinction was written.
The movie focuses on Rogue, Gambit and how the actions of the Brotherhood and Graydon Creed takes us to the future saw in Extinction.
This movie is a joker card: It can be a Gambit solo movie, a Brotherhood Movie, a Mystique solo movie or even an House of M (what abou it, Fox?) movie.
The post credit scene we see Xavier on mansion when Cable appears to him saying that need his young X-Men to a life-death mission in the future.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom (2018)

Well, X-Men cast are human, and gets old unfortunately! So this franchise has to go to an end and pass through a real reboot. What made me think: what we do to finish this franchise? We have seen DOFP, Apocalypse, and in our dreaming franchise we have seen many great things.
So, why not end this thing as it starts? A risky, ambicious and big project based on 2013’s event called “The Battle of the Atom”.
The truce between humans and mutants is always about to end, but we always have the X-Men to save the day. But working as a narrative rhyme with DOFP, this movie shows what happens when the leader of the Children of the Atom becomes a villain.
After Xavier’s death, Cyclops starts to question the reasons why Professor X insisted to find peace between mutants and humans. His choice brings him to a darker path that makes him look like a Magneto disciple. This break apart the X-Men.  Wolverine and Storm leads one team, and Cyclops, Jean and Emma Frost leads another, accepting even some members of the Brotherhood.
As the only one who remembers the dark future before Days of Future Past, Logan see them walking to the same future. Talking with an lost Cable, he is convinced to go to the past again and save the Professor. Cable remember him that he tried it once, and now they must face the future, not change the past. In a risky plan that can makes the reality have a break, he travels to the past and bring the young X-Men to face their older versions, as we saw happening in DOFP.
Knowing that anything could destroy their present, Cyclops will see himself in a battlethat he never was prepared for.
This movie is definitely of Cyclops and his thoughts.
(and could generate an X-Force spin off based on Wolverine’s team).
In the end, the younger X-Men turns back to the past, and Professor erase their future travel from their minds. And we see an bittersweet ending for this saga, who opens again the gate for another actors and another cinematographic universe for my favorite heroes! 

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Tim Burton dirige e produz adaptação de "A Menina que Roubava Livros"

É óbvio que se esperava uma adaptação de tão aclamado livro. O problema é o estilo narrativo que o autor de "A Menina que Roubava Livros" ("The Book Thief"), Marcus Zusak, usou no livro é algo extremamente fora do comum. A começar pela narradora: A Morte.
Porém ao mesmo tempo que parece difícil uma adaptação para o cinema, percebe-se também que a narrativa é muito visual, por incrível que pareça. O clima sombrio e cortante da obra é quase palpável de tão bem descrito. E ninguém melhor do que o mestre das historias sombrias para dirigir esse filme: Tim Burton.
A principio a historia não parece ter muito a ver com o estilo dele. Um drama que conta a historia de uma garota orfã no contexto da segunda guerra mundial. Mas ao se ler o livro, percebe-se que todo aquele clima, aquelas metáforas usadas, a gente percebe que o Tim faria maravilhas com esse livro. E espera-se assim da mais nova adaptação, cuja estréia está prevista para o próximo ano.
Com medo do elenco? Bem, ele conta com estrelas talentosissimas. No papel principal está a atriz do momento, Dakota Fanning (Liesel Meminger). Para Hans Hubermann, ninguem melhor do que o Jack Nicholson, que tem um enorme potencial para o papel. Para interpretar a megera durona, mas de coração mole, da Rosa Hubermann, ninguém melhor do que Imelda Staunton (Escritores da Liberdade, a Dolores Umbridge de Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix), e no papel de Max Vandenburg está o não genial, mas que tem talento pra certos papéis, Jake Gyllenhaal, no papel do melhor amigo de Liesel, Rudy Steiner, está escalado o garoto de O Enviado, o careca Sanguessuga de poderes de X-Men 3 e o Alec de Lua Nova, Cameron Bright, que é um ator mirim pouco explorado e que não é lá essas coisas, mas tem potencial. Há rumores não confirmados que quem estará no papel da mulher do prefeito de Molching é a Cate Blanchett... mas nada confirmado.
Enfim, é esperar pra ver. Enquanto isso contentemos com os posters.

quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

A Continuação de um dos melhores suspenses de todos os tempos!

É... nunca se sabe no que vão dar essas continuações! Mas a continuação do aclamado "O Sexto Sentido", promete ser de arrepiar. Mantendo o protagonista e o ator, o filme conta também com a atuação da bizarra e otima atriz Dakota Fanning. Está confirmada também a participação especial de Bruce Willis. Mas pelas informações que obtivemos será uma participação rápida. A sinopse oficial já foi divulgada: Dez anos depois de descobrir o por que do seu inquietante dom, Cole Sear está tranquilo. Inteligente mas sempre isolado, Cole vai se emaranhar numa trama intrigante e assustadora quando começa a ter visões de uma garota (Dakota Fanning) que ele não consegue encontrar. Ao descobrir que ela ainda está vive e possui o mesmo dom que ele, ele faz de tudo para encontra-la e para descobrir qual o propósito por trás de suas recentes e aterrorizantes visões, numa estranha caçada repleta de mistérios, assassinatos e revelações surpreendentes.

Suspense Brasileiro de Serial Killer!

Isso mesmo que você leu! Baseado no livro homônimo de Lúcia Machado de Almeida, da série vagalume, "O Escaravelho do Diabo" tem estréia prevista para o ano que vem.
Ainda não foram divulgadas informações oficiais sobre o elenco.
O enredo gira em torno de misteriosas mortes que estão ocorrendo numa cidade pequena. As pessoas ruivas estão sendo assassinadas após receberem pelo correio correspondências inusitadas: escaravelhos.
Irmão da primeira vítima, o protagonista, Alberto, vai ajudar nas investigações dos misteriosos assassinatos, e de quebra ainda vai arrumar um romancezinho básico.
A história tem uma trama bem amarrada e um final até surpreendente. Quem sabe o filme não saia otimo?
É esperar pra ver.

domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009

Psicose: Um Novo Conceito do Gênero

É isso mesmo o que você entendeu. Ou Não.
Uma nova versão de um dos maiores clássicos do cinema estará estreando em breve. Alguns vão pensar que lá vem fiasco, mas a verdade é que o filme promete, pelo seguinte: a equipe do filme garantiu que o filme não é um remake do clássico de Hitchcock e muito menos da refilmagem desse de 1998. O novo "Psycho" será uma readaptaçã da história original, ao mesmo tempo nos padrões modernos, porém inovador. A principal novidade é o elenco: Charlize Theron, que vai estrelar a famosa cena do chuveiro, Rachel Weisz, que vai fazer papel da irmã dela, Brandon Routh(é, ele é o superman) vai ser o namorado suspeito, mas a principal surpresa está no ator que interpretará Norman Bates: Zachary Quinto. Sim! Ele mesmo. O Sylar de Heroes e o Spock da nova versao de Star Trek(Saca só o poster abaixo). Além do elenco de peso, o filme contará com uma produção TOP de linha. Cenários cuidadosamente bem preparados, um clima angustiante, muito mais sangue e suspense ininterrupto. O diretor declarou que não pretende de forma alguma superar a genialidade de Hitchcock, muito pelo contrário, quer homenageá-la, ainda disse que o filme tem muito da personalidade dele e dos filmes mais modernos, mas ainda assim com um toque inovador que segundo ele será uma surpresa e tanto. só esperar para ver.
A questão é: será que vai sair mesmo essa coisa toda?